Window Treatment Ideas For Dining Rooms

dining room window treatment

Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

Before we talk about dining room window treatment ideas it must be mentioned, that dining rooms are one of the most important rooms inside our house when it comes to requirements on light, decoration and creating a comfortable environment in general. Dining rooms are usually the places where we sit together with our closest friends and family. Day in day out and we sit there with everyone we like so much, that we invite them over for food. This special setting requires a place we all feel comfortable and relaxed with, meaning we do not need just casual dining room window treatments. We need the perfect ones for us.

But what are the requirements on dining room window treatments? Well to figure that out, everyone needs to think for themselves and see what kind of dining room window they have. At which time the family will gather in the dining room and also what is the general situation of light coming through your dining room windows. Below we will present you a few window treatments for dining room, which we think each fit unique requirements.

Shangri La Window Shades 

Shangri-La window shades are not the most known shading options especially when you think about blinds for dining room windows. But these high quality shades offer everything you will need in your dining room window treatments. Similar to zebra shades, shangri la blinds offer light blocking and light filtering options in one. You will just need to move the opaque parts to adjust the amount of light coming through Keego Blinds shangri la shades. These great room window treatments work best on larger windows that highlight their unique slate style.

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

If you prefer a more room-filling window treatment on you dining room windows, honeycomb cellular shades might be just the right dining room window idea for you. Especially top down bottom up cellular shades make sure to find just the right spot of sunlight entering the room. Also have a look at our motorized honeycomb blinds for an even more comfortable shading option. The high insulation of honeycomb shades make them  practical window treatments for dining room all over the year. However these dining room window coverings are more suitable for smaller windows and won’t look great especially on wide glass fronts.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are our most versatile dining room window treatment ideas. Their neutral and modern look fit almost every dining room window from small to large. This and the fact that zebra shades no drill are available, makes them perfect for use in rented apartments. Do not harm your wall and avoid trouble with your landlord. Zebra dining room window treatments offer full blackout or light filtering in a similar way shangri la shades do. Multiple stripes or layers can be adjusted by hand or remote. This will block incoming light from your dining rooms windows 100% or just a little bit. In addition they come with a broad variety of different fabrics making them a great room window covering overall.


Roman Shades

Fabric roman shades are complete different dining room window coverings as they come with much more fabric as others do. Their style is perfect for any rustical Scandinavian or European interior. They will cover dining room windows well and will look great if you place several besides each other on smaller windows. Apart from their decorative value, these dining room window treatments provide quite a good insulation, similar to cellular shades.


Finding the right dining room window treatment ideas can be tough as we want them to fit in our overall decoration. Keego Blinds offers different options like shangri-la shades, cellular shades and zebra blinds. Each of them fitting in different style of interior. While this is not enough, each of these window treatments for dining room, do come in different colors.

At the end it is always best to make the choice on your dining room window treatments based on your overall interior and other hard facts as your window size. After all the blinds for dining room windows need to look good while hanging and not only nice in the catalogue.

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