Horizontal Window Blinds | Mottled with light and shadow, the infinite charm of space

The charm of home decoration design in the ingenuity of every detail. People in modern society are well aware of the importance of light, the change of indoor light and shadow, and the flow of air, which greatly affect people's moods.

Every corner where the sun shines needs a “switch”, and the mini blind is the key switch in the home.

In many blinds & shades, people love the flexibility and elegance of Horizontal Window Blinds, which can dim the light from multiple angles, filter out mottled light and shadow, and add a wonderful mood to home space.

Between opening and closing, it also shows our personal taste.

1. Mini blinds are available in a variety of categories, according to the attributes of the space, with the most suitable products, so that each scene has an exclusive texture.

The color of aluminum shutters is exquisite, and under the environment-friendly paint rolling process, it will become fresher over time. The cold luster sets off the condensed modern sense, making the home more elegant.

2. Wooden roller blinds are gentle and elegant with long-lasting luster. The texture is delicate and visible, the wood is simple and elegant, without carvings. Easy to clean and maintain.

3. Polymer PVC venetian blinds have good physical elasticity, no deformation, elegant appearance, and fashionable style.

The streamlined beauty and fresh appearance give the home exquisiteness and light luxury.


4. Fabric / Cloth Horizontal Blinds offer the light control of traditional blinds with soft lighting effects of a shade.

The style of rigidity and softness, romantic and soft texture, bring more elegant colors to the home, leisurely and comfortable, it’s pleasing to the eye.


5. The safety cordless blinds are the result of the combination of convenience and freedom.

The push-pull mechanism, easy and labor-saving, quick pull to control lifting, light pull to adjust opening and closing.

Cordless blinds are sunshade masters, and also practical home décor.


The glamour of vertical blinds in every light and shadow you tune out and in the contrast between it and space.

It brings unlimited fun and possibilities to home life. It's a game between people, space and represents the use of the most suitable products in the right place.

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