Old Fashioned Window Blinds

Why do we need Vintage Window Treatments?

Well that is not necessarily something we can answer for you as this comes down to personal style. However the biggest reason might be either you need to exchange existing blinds and want them to fit your existing interior design or you are into old fashioned decoration and retro blinds will just be the right choice for you.

Old fashioned window shades can have a negative sound to it, but in our homes we need to feel comfortable. Maybe you did grew up with your grandmothers lovely house or maybe your are a grandmother now, times fly and you need new window treatments that fit perfectly in the old house decoration that has been there since ever.

What are old fashioned window treatments?

There are certain window treatments that have been in style over the years. As it goes with most products these styles change, come back or disappear over the years. We gathered a few old fashioned roller shades, retro blinds and other window treatments for you. Most of the products in this list are still to find on the market. Keego Blinds being one of them.


Valance boxes decorated with  fabric are something we might remember from our grandmothers living room. These big boxes with floral fabric scream coziness directly at you. While they do look lovely they also have practical use. Old fashioned roller shades roll up inside and will be protected against dust. Same goes for other vintage window blinds.


Window Shutter, especially wooden shutters are probably the most iconic window treatment. Imagine an old town house without mossy wooden shutters where the paint is already falling off. While this is of course not the state we want our window treatments, it is possible to renovate or newly install these kind of antique window shades and shutters.


When it comes to vintage fabric window treatments, we might think of drapery and curtains at first. But there are roller shades with lovely shapes making them a perfect fit for any french country style home but also others. At the end vintage window blinds are the most modern approach to an vintage style.

Fabric Styles

More! Yes you could use just this word to describe the sort of fabric that are used for retro blinds. Thick, glitter, floral. More colors, more fabric. While nowadays due to mass production, more plain colors are available, old fashioned blinds had just more.

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