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Summer! Yes let’s assume your reading this in the beloved sunny time of the year. For all house owners having their own garden, this means staying outside as long as possible. Enjoying green, yellow red and all the colors a garden can offer. So why eat inside? Especially if there are visitors, a garden might offer more space and a better environment.

All these arguments sound great but we still might need to consider planning before we can achieve a relaxing outside dining area in our backyard. Decorating the kitchen patio does not need to be difficult but should be planned wisely. Keego Blinds tells you a few things to consider before starting with your custom outdoor kitchen.


While we think of blue skies, sunshine and no wind when we think about summer, it does not need to be like this throughout the day. Even if there is no wind or small rain, without outdoor kitchen covers there are still insects or other things that can disturb a nice meal.

In conclusion we should be able to cover ourselves and what would be the best for this? Outdoor solar shades of course. They come in different fabrics which mean they can fit your garden. In addition they can block to much heat, water or wind within seconds. Outdoor kitchen doors complete the outdoor covered kitchen area.


Most likely you are looking for a BBQ area in your kitchen patio as, to be honest, everyone likes BBQ outdoors. There are other options as well ranging from a small stove, pizza oven hibachi grill up to a nice and big BBQ grill. The important thing to consider is electricity. While most BBQ and wooden ovens work without, anything more fancy does require it. If you are using a roof and shades, make sure to place the cooking area not directly next to it as it can cause fabric to melt.


Well we can not give so many tips here or better said we could give to many for your custom outdoor kitchen. There are plenty of different options and you can consider blogs and online store catalogue on this. However depending on the weather conditions you need to choose carefully which material they are made off. Choosing outdoor roller shades might make this redundant as they could secure your patio kitchen from rain, sun and wind.

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