Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

move into unfurnished apartment

Things you need for your first apartment

Basic appliances

After we move into unfurnished apartment, first of all we need to see that all basic appliances we usually need are there. Everything which is necessary to provide basic needs such as food, hygiene and privacy belongs on the apartment checklists.

Food: To provide a meal we basically do not nee much and even if your purchase a unfurnished apartment or rent one, a kitchen is included in most of the cases which includes counters, stove and a refrigerator. If those are not available, a refrigerator is the least you should get. A stove could be replaced with a small oven or microwave at first if you are low on budget.

Hygiene: Even more often than a kitchen, a bathroom usually comes fully equipped. There should be almost no case where you can not find a sink and toilet at least. However you might need to replace some small apartment necessities like the shower curtain and toilet brush.

Privacy: Now this is not much less of importance as the previous points. It is hard to find rest if your living without any protection from views and looks. The best way to make sure no one is watching is with Keego Blinds no drill blackout shades. These no drill shades can be installed super easy, are affordable and block out any view.


After the basic human needs are settled we still need the basic needs of comfort. Furnishing an apartment on a budget with a soft place to sleep and something where we can eat and work.

A place to sleep can be pretty simple and low-cost if we can accept it. Otherwise this might be you biggest hit on you budget. It starts with a simple mattress on the floor, a sleeping couch up to a whole new bed. Somewhere in the middle might be the best option. Look for a second hand bed and maybe just get a mattress. There is surely someone nearby selling his old IKEA bed. Anyway with your no drill blackout shades you should be able to sleep peacefully anywhere.
Eating and working/studying can be done at the same place as it simply just requires a place to sit. In our experience there are lots of second hand, older and or just cheaper table + chair options around. Just have a look at the usual websites and get something in your price range. You can always use other blogs and articles with tips on furnishing an apartment on a budget especially if you want to go with new furniture.


If this all is finished we can start with some easy decoration so you can really move into unfurnished apartment. This can be done cheap if we go for creative ways. And remember, you just moved in. Get the important things first, take some memories with you for decoration and then get the apartment gradually a home. Classic decoration items could be pictures with friends, houseplants and flowers. But you can find a lot of pricey and cute things in thrift shops or on Instagram shopping. Just take a evening, sit under you no drill blackout shades and have a look for other first apartment essentials.

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