Living Room Zebra Blinds

living room zebra blinds

Living room blinds requirements

Decorating with living room window blinds is a much more sensitive issue than most of our other rooms. Whilst bathroom and kitchen window treatments simply need to fulfill a more practical approach, our living room blinds needs to make us feel comfortable and cozy as well as impress others. This means the right shading and light management is equally important to make us feel welcome as well as the simple design of our window treatment. In this article we will discuss the best type of blinds for living room.

Which living room window blinds are suitable?

If we consider that style is at least 50% of the factor for choosing the right blinds for the living room, it is quite impossible to just name one living room blinds, as everyone has their own taste. However we can put it down to a few Keego Blinds that tick most boxes for design and for purpose.


What are zebra blinds? Living room zebra blindsΒ are one of the most versatile option out there. Their modern and neat design suit any Scandinavian and modern style home whilst providing a huge variety of different shading up to full blackout.


Shangri La blinds offer a quite similar experience to zebra blinds, however these blinds for the living room come in a more classical look which suits more glamorous decorated homes. They also work better on bigger windows.


Cellular shades a more bold than the other two living room window blinds options. Not as light due to their honeycomb fabric which looks and feels more strong and heavy. Still they are light due to them being filled with air, which makes them a good insulating option as well.


Choosing the right blinds in living room is an important decision as it is a permanent decoration. For a small and modern apartment we would recommend zebra blinds, maybe even in combination with a light curtain. If you have big windows you can switch to shangri la blinds. Finally if you do have a more classical interior, cellular shades might be just the right living room blinds for you.

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