Ideas for decorating windows

ideas for decorating windows

Decorations for windows

Windows to the world. This and nothing less can be said about this part of our home. A decorative window will help us calm down and enjoy the important times of our day. The Keego Blinds Design Team made a list with Ideas to cover windows for you.

colorful shutters

Roller shades

Let us start decorate windows with the biggest canvas available for creating an visual impact. Keego Blinds roller up shades are basically a wide, flat surface offering various possibilities for modern window coverings. Whilst most decide for plain neutral beige or gray colored roller shades, you should not be afraid to go with a more bold option. Maybe you have a lot of older dark wooden furniture but white walls. Why not go with a nice brown or burgundy blackout roller blinds? You can even use one with pattern and add some curtains on the sides of your roll up blackout shade.

decorative curtains


Besides roller shades there are many options for draperies. Ideas to cover windows could be floral fabric valances on top or some neat curtains from the side. There are plenty of fabrics and colors to choose from. Small ones or the classic white “grandmother curtain” filtering light and adding a nice contour to the sides of your window. If you already installed blackout roller blinds you can choose your curtain fabric more free and do not need to consider light blocking with your decorations for windows.

windowsill decoration

Flowers & Plants

It is safe to say that this one might be the most common window decorating option. If you are visiting someone at their home it is a safe bet to assume that there are at least some basil plants, a cactus or dry flowers on one of the windowsill. A big benefit of plants is, that they can be mounted on the outside as well as placed on the inside of your window sill. If you go with dry ones, you do not even need to consider watering them, just get a nice Vase and you’re good. Imagine pastel colored blackout roller blinds with a vase of flower in front. Stunning window decorating!

cute window sill


You do not wait for this until you become a grandma. Get yourself some cute figure. There are tons of cute and interesting ideas for decorating windows you can find in thrift shops or yard sales. They range from cute dwarfs over modern art up to religious ornaments like a golden Buddha. You can even hang some cute animals from your roller up shades.

window seat

Pillows & Seating

Maybe your window is facing nature, or your garden? Transform your windowsill into a bench with a set of pillows in colorful fabric. Now you can watch the birds and neighbors on rainy days at night or sunrise. Anytime you want with a cup of tea or coffee. If your heating is besides the window, even better for coziness. Just make sure you place your roller shades so that you can still use them while sitting on the windowsill enjoying your newly decorated window sill.

decorated windows


If you are parents this is something you might not possible to avoid. Your small beloved ones have tons of ideas for decorating windows and will bring all sorts of handcrafted items home from kindergarten or school. Make them proud displaying their achievements on a window. Blackout roller blinds with cut out birds make up a nice decoration for your children room.

Window Tattoo

Another famous window decorations for households with children. Creating custom window tattoos is a great activity to do with your children. In addition light shines through the colors giving it an atmosphere like in a small church. You can combine these decorative colors with a light filtering roller up shades to make sure you get to see the colorful light all the time.

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