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The designer Paul Milinski from Melbourne, Australia, used ethereal and fantasy light and shadow design to create a smart and interesting dream garden, which is picturesque and fantastic.

Paul Milinski: I would describe my work as being in a world where nature is the building and the building is the feature wall. Where leaking light through leaves becomes nature’s disco ball. Places where all living things are seen as equal and where human elements conform to the environment.

Through the juxtaposition of realities, these pieces urge us to inspire change in how we treat the earth. Within the captured mood, they are designed to transport you along pathways that illustrate a potential future and offer a chance to wonder and escape.


        © Paul Milinski

The most beautiful design is derived from pure, infinite imagination.

From every building, space, every touch of color, every detail is the same.

In the decoration of space and atmosphere, the roller blind has unlimited possibilities because of its own plasticity and customization.

It's easy to operate and simple in appearance, which is deeply loved by consumers.
Light and beautiful is the perfect source of inspiration and the muse in the hearts of home improvement designers.


In addition, blackout roller shade has a greater advantage which can be customized for inkjet printing.

The beauty of the space is derived from the building itself, the decorative details, and the atmosphere of the space.

Window treatment just deal in your hands and gives the home a new look.


Each scene has its own spatial attributes and atmosphere. Inkjet roller shutters are the perfect enabler of the environment.

It creates an exclusive space atmosphere for every public facility, commercial center, hotel and homestay, office, and home residence, conveying precise spatial meaning.

Keego Blinds can on special request offer you printed roller shades. Just talk with us for more information.


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