How much do Roller Shades cost?

How much do Roller Shades cost?-Keego

Is there a simple answer to "cheapest blinds" ?

Basic Costs

As windows do come in different shapes and sizes, you need to be lucky to have one in a size, that is considered standard on the market. However most likely you need your blinds and shades ordered in an individual size. This being said, cheap blinds do come with easy to access and cheap produced fabrics that can be stored and cut fast. Quality blinds come with better sourced options which takes maybe some more time and care in production. So how much do roller shades cost?

HomeAdvisor stated that the national average for new window treatments is around $463 per window. Prices ranging usually between $106 and $828. However we seem to find these number are outdated and there can be high quality options for less than $100.

Which kind of shades cost how much?

As we said, even cheapest blinds and shades need to be cut individually. This means, that styles with a more easy to handle and common material are often cheaper.

Roller Shades for example as they are made out of straight and flat fabric. This can mean that a Roller Shade with high quality fabric can even be cheaper as a cellular blind or shutter just due to its easy construction. Prices range from less than $50 per Window up to more then $100 per window.

Usually a little bit more expensive but pretty much in the same price ranges are zebra blinds. They are made out of a combination from thicker fabric and thin mesh, adding an extra step in production. However they are lighter and so tend to be the cheapest one when it comes to shipping. Prices range from $55 up to more than $100.

On the higher price ranges are cellular blinds as they come with a complicated honeycomb structure. This makes them difficult to produce and handle. However they bring a lot of benefits, mainly for insulation. Prices usually start from $60 and can go up to a few hundred dollars.

While not only the sheer style of roller shades has an effect on their prices, there are plenty specifications that can increase their value. Lets have a look how much do roller shades cost.

UV coating

In order to block UV rays to 100%, most fabrics need to be coated with an extra layer. This will increase. However this is usually not much. We might talk about less than 10 dollar per Blind here.


Motorized Shades can still be affordable but just in their most simple state. If you want full convenience, you might want to have them with battery instead of cable, you might want to connect them to your smart home instead of a simple remote. This all adds up and might rise the cost per blinds from a bit under $100 up to more then $150 extra. You could says these are not the cheapest blinds available.


How much do roller shades cost with added metal valance? Here it is quite simple as well. Most valances are made of plastic, some in good quality some in not so good. Keego Blinds uses a good quality plastic material for most of it shades and these work for years and years without issue. However there is the option for metal valances which will ad an extra touch of luxury. The difference can be seen. Extra costs are around $5 for the product itself and rising cost for shipping as metal valances are quite more heavy. This makes them not a good option for no drill roller shades.

Savings in the long run

As it is with most products, good quality has its price. Roller shades with quality fabric and metal valance might cost you quite a bit more than cheapest blinds options, however the do last much longer. Meaning in the long run you will save money. Lets make a few calculations as example


Fabric prices for roller shades are not much different as they are for any other industry. Thickness, durability and long lasting colors are something that can not be achieved with fast and cheap mass production. Cheap quality fabric will fade and might have bad cut corners. After lets say 5 years you need new ones. Good quality can last for a lifetime. Pay 40$ every 5 years or pay 120$ every 40 years.


Valance material is a important factor, however construction is much more of a factor. A good built plastic valance will last longer as a cheap put together metal valance.


No Drill Roller Shades or full installed Roller Shades? You might think, no drill roller shades will surely be the ones on the contra side here. But see it that way. You might want to move, or change window glass, change paint or insulation. No drill blinds are more flexible and you even can move with them at ease.

That being said

it is not an easy answer to say how much do roller shades cost. But we from Keego Blinds figured there are good quality option starting from $50 per window. However doubling the price can mean less on the long run.

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