Are Zebra Blinds Good?

are zebra blinds good

Zebra Blinds Review

Best Zebra Blinds Climate

Generally speaking zebra blinds do fit most climates but tend to be not as insulating as thicker window treatments due to the fact that zebra blinds are usually made out of thinner material than cellular shades for example. In conclusion are zebra blinds good? Well, we would recommend them for hot mild and cool climates but prefer other window treatments for our friends up in the north. Lets continue with Keego zebra blinds review and see which rooms are usually chosen.

zebra blinds

Best Zebra Blinds Room

There is no general limit on where to use zebra blinds, you can use the best zebra shades available in your kitchen, living room and even on you patio door. However there are rooms where you do not need the option for 50% view blocking that zebra blinds can offer. Take the bathroom as example, you probably want to block the view or do not, in case you open the window for fresh air. Good window blinds in this case can be roller shades and other no drill blinds options. Are zebra blinds good in all sizes? Lets learn more

Best Zebra Shades Window Size

What are zebra blinds? Zebra roller shades look neutral and straight to the point. This means they fit every window. However for bigger windows or sliding doors, shangri-la shades might be the better choice. They work similar, just look a bit nicer. You will see the small differences when you visit the Keego Blinds online store. However smaller windows are perfectly for no drill blinds like our best zebra blinds. Easy to use and neutral in appearance.

Corded, Cordless or Motorized

Are zebra blinds good corded, cordless or motorized? This is up to everyone. Cordless should only be an option for windows with reachable top as closing them would difficult if not. Motorized options can save you a lot of time in case you do have more than 1-2 windows per room. Open our best zebra shades at the same time from your phone will be more than comfortable. Last but not least the corded options which is the standard since years and never fails to work at most homes. Let us now jump to the last point of our zebra blinds review.

Screwed or No Drill Zebra Blinds

Final choice to made is between no drill zebra shades and zebra roller blinds with a screwed valance. First one is highly recommend for anyone renting his house or apartment as no drill blinds do not leave any holes and can be installed within seconds. If you go for durability good window blinds with screwed valance will withstand anything. So if there are kids in the house, this is something you should consider while buying the best Keego Blinds zebra shades.

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