How to clean blinds without taking them down?

How to clean blinds without taking them down?-Keego

Removing dust and light stains

Blinds & Shades with hard surface

Shutters and faux wood blinds do come with a non fabric surface, which makes them a bit more easy to clean. Best way to clean blinds made out of plastic, wood or aluminium will be either using a normal sponge that is soaked in water or just a blinds cloth. If you installed outside mount blinds, the easiest way to clean blinds is with a normal garden water hose. Make sure you are using not to much pressure and wipe them with a sponge or towel afterwards.

If your blinds are sensible and just dusty, try cleaning blinds with a feather duster. These cleaning option can go nicely between each slate.

Fabric window treatments

If you need to clean fabric window treatments, there usually is no need to use water. However we recommend cleaning blinds completely every few months, to get rid of all stains. Back to moderate dirty blinds how to clean and take care of them. We recommend to just use a vacuum machine. Most vacuum do have different kind of heads to choose from. Wide one works perfectly to clean zebra blinds and removing dust from roller shades. But how to clean cellular shades? If your vacuum does not come with a small head, usually made to clean sofas, get one. They come in handy for many places and also for cleaning blinds.

Removing strong dirt

Blinds & Shades with hard surface

While just water works for removing the usual dirt, but how to clean blinds that have not been cleaned for some time? Maybe your child did even had some inspiration and was in search for a canvas? Bleach or other strong blind cleaners do need to be used there as colored products can fade. A quick household tip is the best way to clean blinds. Good old Baking Soda. Put some of it on a wet wipe or sponge and apply on the dirty area. If the stain is strong and cleaning blinds does not seem to work, let it soak 30 minutes and remove dirt and baking soda from the blinds with water.

Fabric window treatments

How to clean cellular blinds and other textile window treatments with stains from food, paint or other can be quite difficult to clean. So, Keego Blinds how to clean them, especially if they are hanged with screws. To avoid taking them down, we can use textile cleansing foam for cleaning blinds. Just spray it all over the fabric as recommend and use a brush or sponge to massage the foam into the fabric. Let it soak a while and then simply use a vacuum cleaner to soak of the dirt, which is now connected to the cleaner. This method goes easy by hand and might be the best way to clean blinds we heard of.

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