How to fix broken vertical blinds?

how to fix vertical blinds

Maintain Vertical Blinds for Windows and Sliding Doors

How to fix broken vertical blinds? Well to answer this question we need to take a look where the problem with your panel track blinds is. Below Keego Blinds mechanics listed a few common problems and how to solve them.

Broken Vanes

The most common problem with vertical blinds for windows or doors is, that one of the panels is loose or even fell off. This is usually caused at the hole where the panel is clipped in to the valance. The small hole might be ripped of and thus making the hook not holding onto it anymore. There are a few simple solutions to make sure the panel will hold again onto the valance of your panel track blinds.

Option 1

Take something thin enough yet stable like a paper clip, nail or just something you find laying around. Tape it above the hole of your panel and by that creating a new barrier for the broken hole. You can now hang your panel to your vertical blind again.

Option 2

Carrier stems are thin objects that might bend or get damaged after years of being exposed to tractive power. So you might need to replace them. Usually there are some extra withing the valance already, if not you need to order them at your vertical blinds seller or have a look at any hardware store. If you panels does not fit the new stems, just adjust the hole with a scissor or cutter.

Blocked vanes

How to fix broken vertical blinds that are not moving anymore? Well there can be a few issues why the panel track blinds are jamming. In a lot of cases it might just be dust, but also rust due to high humidity or other objects stuck in between. A little bit of cleaning and in extreme cases some WD40 will solve the issue.


Probably the only reason you might need to call a professional or semi-professional family member, could be the valance. If something is wrong with the mechanics of your vertical blinds, you might need to open it up and have a close look. In most cases, similar to all other problems, something might be stuck.


There are two places where the cord can cause malfunctioning vertical blinds. The cord for moving you blinds from the left to the right and all the small cords connecting each panel.

The first one might be not working because it went of rail at top inside the valance, or there is simply dirt stuck. Just remove it from the rail and clean the vertical blinds a bit.

The small cords at the bottom and top of your vertical blind might be tangled, which is sadly quite common. Here you need to take a few minutes and figure out which way the cords should go and re -arrange your panel track blinds.

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