How to fit 3 Blinds on one Window

3 blinds on one window

Multiple Blinds in one Window

Why split 3 blinds on one window?

For us sellers it is hard to offer blinds that cover your whole 120 inch window or sliding door. There are many factors to consider when we want to fit 3 blinds in one window. The first one being static and stability. Think about how hard would it be for you to lift a 120 by 120 inch fabric cloth by hand or cord and how easy would force, from just one point, cause cracks or any other damage. The second and much more important factor to fit multiple blinds in one window, is sending the blinds to you. We most likely do not produce in your neighborhood, so we would not only need to find a shipping company that is willing and able to send 120+ inch long items, we would also need to pay them for it. With that in concern we could not offer our current prices anymore.

Which blinds are suitable?

We need to choose accordingly on how we want to install 2 or 3 blinds on one window. However no drill blinds can definitely not be installed besides each other. They do need a window frame as the tension bar needs something to grip on to. Blinds that come with with a headrail, like our Keego blinds metal valance, can be installed from the top of the valance. This makes it able to install multiple blinds in one window besides each other without any complications.

How to measure each Blind?

2 blinds one window? If you want to measure your window for the installation of 3 blinds on one window, you need to consider the width or each headrail. Most widths are measured out of the perspective of the blind fabric. The headrail will be a bit more wide than the actual blinds, so please have a look at the measurement instructions first and or ask our customer support.

Two or more blinds on one headrail

Depending on the type of the blinds it might still be a good idea to use one large headrail for several blinds besides each other. However two blinds on one headrail will not work for every kinds of blinds, especially roller shades, zebra blinds as they could not be controlled separately. In addition this kind will be difficult and expensive in shipping due to its respectable size or better said length.


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Priscilla McAuliffe

Priscilla McAuliffe

Hi, I love no drill, lightfiltering roller blinds The instructions are very easy to follow! Thanks!

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