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never lose your remote

Never lose remote again

Remote control window blinds can be a useful addition to a home, especially among people who have high energy needs or those who work long hours. Remote window blinds also and can provide a great level of privacy. However, they can be a bit challenging to operate. If you're using a remote control to adjust the blinds, be sure to keep your remote control in a safe place. Losing your remote can be especially frustrating if you're trying to watch a movie or work on a project and suddenly the remote window blinds move.

This article will provide tips on how to find a lost remote control and how to avoid losing it in the first place.

Never lose your remote with these 5 tips:

  1. The most easy one we actually should not need to mention, always keep your remote control in a visible place so you can operate your remote control window blinds.
  2. For a fool-proof way to never lose remote again, glue one end of a string to the end of the remote and fasten the other end to your sofa or chair. It may look silly, but if you ever lose your remote, the string will help you find it again.
  3. You do not need to worry about losing one remote if you still have three others. Get more for your remote control window blinds and place them at several places to make sure you can always find at least one.
  4. One of those places could be a remote holder that can be placed on your shelve or on the wall next to the door. This is also a solution if you want starting to never lose your remote. Keeping it in one steady place to operate your remote window blinds all the time.
  5. If you do have problems with hard to find remote controls at night, you can spray and cover the remote in “glow in dark colors”.


Children, empty brain after work. All this leads to hard to find remote controls. To never lose remote again can not be guaranteed but you can take these steps to reduce the chance of doing so. 

“We've noticed that our kids steal always the remote. Everyday, several times a day we'd hear from the basement where's the remote?, who had the remote last?”

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