How to fix Blinds String

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How to fix Blinds String

Analyze Problem

Before we start repair blinds or disassembling them, we will need to have a look where the problem is coming from. There are different possibilities within the blind cords where the problem can occur.

So, how to fix my blinds?

Maybe the pull cord is broken on your roller shade with cord? This can occur on places where there is friction. So have a look at the cord for blinds on top where it connects to the tube.

Maybe the pull cord mechanism is dirty or jammed. Here as well have a look at the top first where the cord goes around the blinds. There might be to much dust preventing the cord to move or it is just tangled. In this case there is no need for a blinds cord replacement, further below you learn how to fix blinds string when this occurs.

Small strings between the slates are broken which will cause shutters to not move. One of the blind cords should not be a problem but if a few of them are broken it will be hard to lift you shade and you will need to repair blinds.

Tilt cord

These cords go inside the valance from left to right are knotted to other cords that connect the slates downwards. This web of cords makes it a bit more difficult to repair, so how to fix my blinds? Try to remove the broken cord and connect a new one with knots. If not possible, you might need to remove all of them. This can be quite a bit of work, we do recommend to let a professional do this.

Pull cord

Repairing the pull cord of your roller shade with cord usually can be a bit more easy as it is basically just one cord that goes around the tube on top. If it is broken, you can easily replace it. This works similar to replacing the chain of your bicycle. If it is just jammed with dirt please take a thin but not sharp object and remove the dirt. There is no need to repair blinds cord loop.


Do not pull you blinds with force or to fast as this can cause the strings to break and you will need a new cord for blinds. In addition clean your roller shade with cord from time to time to avoids dust or dirt jamming and thus causing fraction that can damage strings as well.

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