How to clean Aluminum Blinds

how to clean venetian blinds

How to clean Venetian blinds

What are Venetian Blinds?

Aluminum Venetian blinds come in different options no tools blinds, budget options and our high class aluminum shutters. So most ways of cleaning Venetian blinds can luckily be applied to most of the shutters.

Which kind of Dirt?

Before we decide how much of an effort we need to use for the Venetian blinds cleaning process, we should check what kind of dirt we are dealing with? Are the no drill Venetian blinds just a bit dusty? Did someone spill something on your shutters? Or did they hang in front of your window for years and have never been cleaned? For the last one we will need to put in some more effort cleaning Venetian blinds. Especially if it is close to your kitchen as then there might be oil on the slates.

Cleaning with Dusters

First, how to clean dusty blinds? Feather dusters, microfiber gloves, towels or even special blind dusters. Anything that is thin enough so you can clean between each slate of your normal or no drill Venetian blinds will work. Best to use will be microfiber to prevent the shutters loosing their color or gloss over time.

Cleaning with Bathtub or Garden hose

At the end you might need more than just a small blind cleaning tool. More power, more water and some mild cleaning detergent.

How to clean blinds in bathtub?

Before you do so, make sure you cover the mechanism on top of the blinds as they might not be fully rust free. Then make sure you have enough space and best some anti slippery mat or towel inside of your bathtub while cleaning no tools blinds or any other shutters. This will make sure you are not scratching either bathtub or blind.

How to clean aluminum blinds with a garden hose?

Venetian blinds cleaning outside can be the best option for anyone with a garden. First lay a towel or mat under the shade to avoid any scratches or further dirt on the normal or no drill Venetian blinds. After that gently put water pressure on them. Afterwards finish the cleaning process with a microfiber towel and let the shutters dry a bit.

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