Furniture Sun Damage

furniture sun damage

Why do colors fade in the sun? Well, UV rays can cause a lot of harm. Furniture sun damage but also on other surfaces. So it is advised to keep that impact as low as possible and make sure to take care of UV protection for wood.

Window Treatments

Preventing sun fading through UV rays coming inside through our windows will surely be the first thought most of us have. Well it does make sense as it is a quite effective way. However there are different options and approaches on the way to stop sun damaged furniture.


As in their name “Blackout Blinds” do complete blackout the room while covering the window. This will not only  protect your furniture, artworks or skin, it will also let you live in 100% privacy. However this means there will be no natural light coming through your windows anymore. Except you roll them up which then gives of course no more UV protection and cause furniture sun damage.


The same problem occurs with curtains. They can block harmful UV rays and heat not. However same as for the blinds you could use fabric that does block UV a little and so will let through light. This is more comfortable for a nice living space but does not protect furniture sun damage to 100% as you might intend.

Window Films

How to protect art from sunlight and still enjoy in in natural light? Window films can be the perfect combination and permanent solution. However they do not allow a clear view outside without opening the windows.

UV Varnish

If blocking your window is not enough or not an option, for preventing sun bleached furniture, you can seal surfaces with UV varnish. Wooden furniture can be protected from sun fading with this. However it does not work for all surfaces and it will also affect the look of them. You can apply varnish with ease by yourself but for more expensive woodwork we recommend to let a professional decide and do the work as the oil can be easily spread uneven.


How to protect wood furniture when it needs to go fast? Before deciding on how to go further, you can just move sensible objects out of direct sunlight and prevent further furniture sun damage. Maybe you wanted a re-decoration anyway. Take the possibility and move things. Also a good time to clean dust from behind everything.


Not only window treatments can block UV rays, there are specialized glasses that can do this directly within your window. However this is surely the most expensive and extensive procedure for protection against furniture sun damage.

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