How to save on heating bill?

how to lower haeting bill

Why is my heating bill so high?

Everyone of us probably knows the “getting struck” feeling while opening your bills. Especially in the Winter and with prices on the way up to new records this will strike more and more of us. But why do we need to pay so much and how to save on heating bill with these winter energy saving tips.

Tip 1 - Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy 25 - 30% of our energy use connects to heat escaping through our windows. While fixing this is a bit costly at the beginning, you will benefit from it in the long run. Double-pane glass, triple-pane glass and even argon gas in between will make sure heat stays where it should be in winter and save home heating.

Tip 2 - Blinds

A much more affordable option to filter heat and lowering the heating bill average without spending on new windows would be heat insulating honeycomb blinds. Of course they also work in combination with windows to insulate even more. Honeycomb blinds save warm air between their combs, making it a easy way to save some heat. Keego offers a broad variety of energy saving window treatments.

Tip 3 - Sun

How to lower heating bill? Make usage of the sun! If it is not cloudy we all have free access to one of the biggest heater available. Just make use of it. Open your shades while the sun is shining to heat up the room. Make sure to close your energy saving honeycomb blinds in the dark to keep the heat inside and save home heating.

Tip 4 - Thermostat

We all do have our comfort temperature and will keep the heating on this level for most of the time. But lets face it, 2-3 degrees less wont kill anyone but can save you some money at the end of the month. So the answer on how to save on heating bill can be stepping out of your comfort zone with just one toe or two.

Tip 5 - Wrap Vent Ducts

Everything redirecting air out and inside of your rooms consumes a lot of your heat increasing your monthly heating bill average. Well, how to save money on heating bill ? Make sure that vent ducts are properly insulated to make sure not all of your warmth will escape through them. Wrapping them in foil-faced fiberglass can make a huge difference.

Tip 6 - Close Doors

This one is quite obvious but we still want to mention this winter energy saving tips. It takes much less energy to just heat the room you are currently or mostly in and close the doors to prevent the heat spreading all over to places where no one actually is to decrease the electric heat costs per month.

Tip 7 - Furnace Filters

Preventing heat from going out is one way to save on your heating bill. But we need to make sure that the heat you are paying for actually is available. Stuffed furnace filters will prevent the warm air from filling the room. So if we ask us how to save on heating bill, make also sure the furnace is not blocked with furniture.

Tip 8 - Seal up air leaks

Now that we talked about the areas everyone can save home heating, it is now up to each of us check for possible leaks and close them. Usually they are close to windows or doors where the sealing might be a bit old. Just walk around your home and feel where unwanted air flow is coming through.

Tip 9 - Dress warm

Although it is much more cozy to walk around the house in short or pajamas, it might be also a good idea to wear the nice sweater your grandma gave you for Christmas and turn down the heat a little bit. How to save on heating bill and make your granny happy at the same time? Well this is it.

Tip 10 - Further Insulating

If you do have some budget, want to go for the long run and want to learn how lower heating bill, you might be considering working on the whole insulation of your house with an expert. Windows, outer wall and so on. Depending on how old your house is and where you live, this could save you a fortune in the long run.


There are quite a few solutions on the question how to save money on heating bill and save heating costs in your home. Some of them are pricey, some are affordable. At the end all of these winter energy saving tips will save you quite a bit of money. Especially in the long run.

how to save on heating bill

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1) Lower your thermostat 10 degrees when you’re not @ home or retiring for the night using a programable thermostat. 2) Sleep using a down or wool blanket. 3) Always wear wool socks 4) Heat up a hot water bottle using your microwave & stick it under your bed sheets. 5) Use a (one only) electric space heater and lower your house thermostat at least 3 to 5 degrees. Using more than 1-1500 space heater will eliminate any savings from lowering the central heater. 5) Move/exercise. Go outside for a walk. 6) Take a warm shower and get hot drinks to consume. 7) Your stove/oven is your friend during the winter. Cook, bake, broil then leave the oven door open. There r tons of things u can do.

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