How to choose Motorized Blinds for Homes?

With the continuous development of smart homes, smart homes have gradually entered people’s daily life

Home Automation is one of the hottest innovations to come to the decor industry. Connectivity and the Internet of Things has transformed the way we live and take care of our homes. There's hardly a device that can't be controlled remotely, and window treatments are no exception.

But making the right choice when it comes to electric blinds or motorized window treatments can be confusing. So we're answering your most frequently asked questions and demystifying motorization for window treatments.

The one of the most widely used is Motorized Shades. Its application will bring high-tech enjoyment and convenience, and at the same time can beautify the home environment and make the home environment present a higher grade.



Why Choose Automatic Window Shades and Blinds for Home?

  • No More Cords - Help remove or limit choking hazards from your windows,making them much safer for kids and pets.
  • Conserve Energy - Set your new window blinds to close automatically during the hottest times of the day to keep heat out and keep temperatures down.
  • Make Your Home More Secure - Feel more secure in rooms made more private with motorized roller shades.
  • Simple To Use - Since batteries can last for many years without being replaced, these blackout motorized roller blinds require minimum maintenance.
  • Fit Any Window

So how do choose the right type? Let us introduce it to you guys !


1. Pick the motor

The selection of the motor is generally considered from the four aspects of power, noise, operating conditions, and service life.
Pick the right motor power is very important.
If the power is too large, it may cause damage to your blinds and the entire system, gonna shorten the service life. If it's too small to drive the shade to move, the expected goal cannot be achieved.

The noise level is also a key factor in determining user experience.
Keego brand "AZURA" motor is widely praised by customers because of its high-precision DC motor and the distinguished experience brought by ultra-quiet settings. Its advantages in safety, compatibility, applicability, and comfort have made it an upstart among blind motors as soon as it comes to our store.



2. Fabric / Style

KEEGO Window blinds & Shades introduction:

  1. Venetian blinds - The master of art in managing sunshine
  2. Roller Blinds and Shades - A Classic of simple art
  3. Zebra Shades - Fresh and simple style, stylish for your home
  4. Shangri-La blind - Elegant and romantic soft yarn blinds
  5. Honeycomb / Cellular Shade - Temperature adjustment & environmental protection, atmosphere hidden luxury
  6. Roman Shades - Warm fabric, classic art
  7. Vertical Shangri-La Shade - Amazingly romantic, warm & luxurious



3. Accessories

The accessories of Motorized Blinds and Shades need to cooperate with the motor and mechanism, and the fineness requirements are high, so we need to choose good quality accessories. Good accessories gonna runs smoothly and

are durable. The inferior will cause uneven, pull-up or breakage, etc.



4. Craft

The production process of the product affects the practicability and aesthetics directly, and we must not be underestimated.
It can be observed from many details:

  • the surface process of the track
  • the fabric tailoring craft
  • Flexibility mounting brackets
  • the elasticity of the blade
  • Treatment of blade cut
  • The strength of the drawstring etc.



 5. Brand

The superiority of a good brand is not only reflected in the market reputation, but also has unparalleled advantages in product quality and after-sales service.
Many consumers compare prices as the decisive factor, because they don't understand, and Such results are unsuitable or unusable.



Keego adheres to the corporate spirit of honesty, unity, diligence, enterprising, and working hand in hand to create a better tomorrow, and strive to build the most trustworthy brands for consumers.

We take "aesthetics and practicality" & "romantic craft" as the design concept, always take the existence of "craft" and "art" as the premise, and use romantic thought to subvert rational craftsmanship while ensuring the rigor of craftsmanship.

And always adhere to the principle of selecting high-quality materials, and all the parts produced have undergone a strict quality inspection process be before shipping ​out to your door.

Our motorized blinds also offer customized services to meet your needs.
Just find what you want in Keego. Buy with confidence!

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