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Tips for Picking Child Safe Window Blinds

You just got your own home, started a family or think about doing so? There are many things we need to consider while decorating your own four walls. Everyone heard about kids proof sockets, but what about child safe window blinds? Metal slates with a cord can be a harm to anyone playing around with it. While the danger blinds is not as big as some might think said cord can still cause harm. In addition, kids like to pull on anything they can find. If your beloved child pulls and pulls day in and day out on the cord, even Keego Blinds might just break over time.

Also, nowadays more and more home buyers are required child safe vertical blinds as part of the home inspection process. And many pet owners also understand the importance of choosing a safe cordless blinds option.

Choosing the right window treatments for a child’s room can be difficult. Whether it’s a kid’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery, rooms designed for children pose their own set of design challenges. We will continue with the benefits of cordless blackout shades and other child safe window blinds.

Here are 3 key options every parent should know about

  1. Cordless Blinds:
    When it comes to choosing the right child safe window blinds for your kids’s room, cordless is the way to go. Shades with cords pose a real hazard for young ones with grasping little hands that could get tangled or caught. So we suggest replacing corded window coverings with safer cordless blinds. Draperies, shutters, roller, cellular and pull down blinds cordless are a few preferred options.
  2. Room Darkening and Blackout Fabrics
    Children are more sensitive to light than adults, so choosing a blackout fabric will be much better than a light filter fabric. Room darkening and blackout fabrics will keep your kid’s room cozy and free from light. Child safe vertical blinds with these are perfect for children’s rooms and nurseries with newborns or toddlers as they can create the ideal sleeping conditions, even during the day. Blackout fabrics also provide maximum protection from harmful UV rays, protecting your child’s tender skin from the harsh sun, especially during summer. Keego Blinds offers a broad variety of cordless blackout shades.
  3. Motorized Child Safe Window Blinds
    Motorization offers the best combination of safety and convenience for your child safe vertical blinds. One major safety benefit that remote-controlled window treatments offer is privacy. For example, if your kids will be in the house before you get back from work, you can remotely close the cordless blinds from your smartphone.

So what are Child Safe Window Blinds?

child safe window blinds

Best for Kids™ Certified options:
Keego Blinds No Drill Cellular Shades are officially certified as child safe window blinds by the window covering safety council in the US.

In addition all our cordless blinds light filtering and cordless blackout shades come with the same or similar mechanism, making them child safe vertical blinds as well.


But we believe that choosing the best child safe window blinds or better said cordless blinds for your child’s room doesn’t have to be a challenge. We want to make the process smooth, and stress-free for all you busy parents. We do care for your childrens safety even outside of child safety protection month.

If you need more help child proofing your home have a look at these amazing tips. For selecting the right cordless blinds fit, we would love to evaluate your requirements and recommend the perfect custom window covering solution for your kids’ bedroom! At the end the pull down blinds cordless need to fit your interior design as well.

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