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Cellular Shades like any other window treatments can become victim of minor problems. In most cases repair cellular blinds can be done with a few easy steps so there is no need of calling an paying a professional. However if the problems persists even after a short check-up based on this guide, it is wise to contact us or an professional nearby before making any further damage within the cellular blinds repair.

Typical problems with Cellular Shades

Cord frayed

After sometime of usage, the cord of your honeycomb blinds might get frayed, dirty or maybe some other small problems occur. Or did your cat had some play time with it? In that case you will need to remove the cord to replace or maybe just wash it.


First we need to open or better said remove any cap so we can see every millimeter of the cord, if we want to know how to repair cellular blinds string. After that we might need to remove stains, dirt or dust. We should also check if there is anything causing friction. Maybe even the removed cap.

Cord not moving

Another problem you might face with the cord is, that it is simply not moving. Most of the time the problem here does not come from the cord itself. If we want a cellular blind repair done, usually there is something stuck anywhere within the pull mechanism.


Here the solution is similar or the same than the one we mentioned above. However the problem repair cellular blinds might be more severe an instead of just scratching on the cord, some part of the mechanism or to much dirt will block the cord completely from moving.

Blinds not moving but cord is

The other way around, the cord moves but the honeycomb blinds do not. You might be able to pull and pull but nothing happens. The problem here will be similar to the one above and we need to have a look at the valance if we want to repair cellular blinds.


If that happens, there must be an issue with either the connection from cord to shades. There cord is layered around the rod on top. For the cellular blind repair we first need to check if the cord still has grip there. If it has, the next thing we can check are the lift cords. If they are broken, you won’t be able to lift the cellular shades and need to find a professional cellular blinds repair shop.

Plastic handle loose

We all know that anything that involves frequent use with some sort of force is the weakest point of any construction. So are the handles of cordless cellular shades. After uncountable times of pulling that plastic handle, it might just loosen. Usually this is not difficult to fix though.


A loose handle can be more time consuming than it is difficult. In the worst cases you will need to contact us at our Keego Blinds support so that we can send you a new one. If the handle just came loos but is not lost or broken, there are different and easy ways to attach it again and go on with a cellular blind repair. Glue, tools, or just a little bit of force. The way of attaching it again can vary from product to product.

Blinds hang unevenly

Let us continue with the valance. Anything uneven or better said anything not moving the same way on both sides will cause your blinds to move or even hang unevenly. You might need to have a look at the lift cords there if you want to repair cellular blinds.


The lift cords are the ones being responsible for the blinds moving up and down evenly on corded cellular shades. The easiest way to check them is to hold your blind horizontal even and then check if the cords on all sides have the same amount of tension. If not, you can adjust them above near the rod.

For how to repair cordless cellular blinds it might be an issue with the tension rod. Pulling the shades down to most extension and then giving it another short and slightly forceful pull, should re-arrange everything again.

Blinds sagging

Different issues, similar cause. Sometimes your blinds might be sagging and do not stay in the exact position. There is just not enough tension which can occur from time to time and in most cases is easy to fix.


To repair your corded cellular shades that have been sagging, you can do the same as we did in the last solution. Pull them down and give them an extra pull to make sure the tension rod arranges itself as it should be. Express cellular blinds repair!

Blinds do not operate smoothly

Noise, frictional resistance or other problems while moving the cordless cellular shades can have many causes. Something is causing friction. May it be dirt or a loose part. Maybe even a broken part not doing its job.


How to repair cordless cellular blinds that are noisy? If you hear noise it is most likely coming from friction. So we need to check the lift cords and the pull cord. If we can not find anything there, we need to open the valance and see if there is anything scratching to each other. Maybe move the blinds to full extend to have a full look at the rod or tension rod and then continue the cellular blinds repair.

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