How To Block Light From The Side Of The Blinds

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How To Block Light From The Side Of The Blinds

Window blocker strips

While using Keego blinds or any other brand, there can be a small stripe on the sides where light is coming through, this can be due to the fact that the valance needs to be a bit wider than the fabric. But when there is only a small area that needs to be covered, there is no need to install something big. Window blocker stripes are light, cheap and can be installed in seconds. Window blocking stripes also do not need to get drilled into your wall and can be replaced with less effort.

Outside mount

While the main problem causing light going past your blinds is the window frame, this can easily be avoided if you are using outside mounted blinds. This kind of window treatment goes over a wider area as it does not need to fit inside the window frame. However this option does not work for every house or apartment. Speaking of apartments you might be simply not allowed to install one. Also it is not the best idea to install fabric window treatments outside where they are facing rain, sun and dirt directly. In that case you might stick to other options like the window blockers.

Layer window treatments

To cover up the sites of your blinds you can also layer and add curtains instead of window blocker. A nice tied up window curtain will work as a beautiful cover up for the sides of your window. While it can also have more benefits. More insulation as well as making the room bigger. Well if that does not sound good we do not know.

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