Are cordless blinds worth it?

are cordless blinds worth it?

Are cordless blinds worth it?


At the beginning we need to clear what the exact differences are between cordless vs corded blinds. Well apart from the obvious, the cord. The mechanism inside the valance works different on both. While corded blinds simply get rolled up and down via a not to complicated mechanism, the cordless blinds do work with a spring. And this works pretty much the same for either zebra shades cordless or with cord or corded cellular shades or their cord free variant.

Which one can last longer?

At first we need to say that it all comes down to quality and handling. But given the same quality standards and household it is still a bit difficult to say which one will last longer. While the cord on the corded cellular shades is prone to damage, this will not make corded blinds unusable. If used correctly. However zebra shades cordless come with a more complex spring loaded mechanism which might be prone to sooner damage then corded blind valances. In addition this is not something you could easily replace by yourself.

Which one is more save?

Talking about safety there is a clear winner. Cordless shades are basically a sheet of fabric hanging in front of you window. No cord tangling around where pets or kids could harm themselves or destroy the blind. Especially flat and light blinds like zebra shades cordless. Imagine corded cellular shades exposed to a playful cat. Cord and wombs will not even last a month. But are cordless blinds worth it?

Which one is better?

It is like most of the times when it comes to the question for advantages of cordless blinds and advantages of corded blinds. It depends. While the cord makes it a bit less convenient to use, if your window is free, it does quite the opposite if your window is either to high or behind furniture. Not to imagine wide windows where it might be quite a job to lift a big blind each day by hand. This might not be the best scenario for zebra shades cordless. On the other hand apart from this the cord can be a bit of a trouble when there are pets or kids around playing with them, pulling strongly at the cord can harm the corded cellular shades in the long run.

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