Best Blinds for Kitchen Windows

modern kitchen blinds

Modern Kitchen Blinds

Sick of dark wood, stucco and floral fabric? Keego Blinds got your back and will help you find the right products for your modern kitchen. So let us go through our kitchen bind ideas and see what you can do to cover your windows effectively and beautifully.

Modern means MODERN for us, so we will talk mainly about smart home products like our modern zebra blinds that can be controlled by voice command. So no need to wash your hand in the middle of cutting that onion or washing that pan. Tell your modern kitchen blinds to move up and down by command with ease.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Blind Ideas

Easy to clean does not only mean that you can wipe up dust from the smart zebra blinds without problems, which you can do from our modern zebra blinds. However especially in the kitchen you will need kitchen blind ideas that are made of strong enough fabric so that you can wipe them with a brush. Without being afraid that these modern kitchen blinds rip apart.

modern kitchen blinds

In case you cook with a lot of oil and splashes, consider roller shades. Their waterproof fabric makes them even more easy to clean, making them one of the best blinds for kitchen windows.

Multiple Window Blinds for the Kitchen

Well, if you are thinking about smart shades you might be someone who has a bit more space to use in your home. Maybe even more than one or two windows in your kitchen. So you already know that with multiple windows comes more light but also much more effort to open each blind separately. So do it remote and at the same time with smart zebra blinds.

Smell Resistant Remote Control Blinds

Fabric in our kitchen it needs to be easy to clean from dirt, but especially it does need to prevent stink from setting into the blinds for the kitchen. Keego Blinds uses polyester fabric which does not soak in particles and dust from cooking. This will prevent your modern kitchen blinds from getting smelly over time.

Modern Zebra Blinds Color Options

To be considered best blinds for kitchen windows, modern zebra blinds need to fit the rest of your decoration as well. We considered this and offer you a broad variety of different colors and shades on our motorized zebra blinds. If you are not sure, just let us know and we will help you choosing the right remote control blinds for you.

modern zebra blinds


Last but not least which option are the best blinds for kitchen windows then? modern kitchen blinds like smart zebra blinds are the most versatile option for a modern kitchen. They tick all boxes for a modern and well designed cooking space that has more than one window. If your are in need for something more classic, read our article on classic kitchen blinds.



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