Blinds for Small Bathroom Windows

Small Bathroom Window Shades

Small Bathroom Window Shades

Yes, we do see the pictures on pinterest and other blogs as well. There are some stunning bathrooms out there. But we are aware that neither we, all our colleagues and most of our readers do have a bathroom that is a bit more subtle and maybe a bit more, call it simple & elegant.

small bathroom window shades

With that being said, you might need bathroom shades windows in a small size. Something that is easy to set up and does not necessarily come with a lot of fancy extras. Keego Blinds offers small roller blinds for bathrooms that tick all these boxes. These easy to install small bathroom window shades come in custom sizes, making them perfect for your bathroom. Let us know talk about these benefits.

Waterproof Small Bathroom Blinds

Our small bathroom blinds are made with a waterproof polyester fabric that does not get soaking wet after a hot shower. However, if you like to shower with hot temperatures you still need to make sure that you open your windows afterwards.

Even though the material is somewhat mould proof, letting small bathroom window shades hang in 100% humidity for hours can be a perfect ground for all bacteria growth.

However the waterproof fabric of  our small roller blinds for bathrooms come in many different colors, making them not only practical but also creative and flexible blinds for small bathroom windows.

Easy Install and Remove Shades

One thing of concern in a bathroom is always, “can I clean it easy?” This counts for every corner of your tiled or non tiled wall, even the corners of your window sill. Dust combined with steam will set down and again make a perfect ground for mold. Keego Blinds small bathroom window shades come with an easy to install tension rod that can be removed and installed within less than one minute. This makes any small bathroom blind an easy to maintain and clean piece of furniture.

Privacy Blinds for Small Bathroom Windows

However small the window is, it is better be blocked before we step out of the shower. Small roller blinds for bathroom come with blackout fabric providing needed privacy. Bathroom shades windows can be small but there is still a need to have them blocked, who knows who might be living in your neighborhood.



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