Health Benefits of Sunlight

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Benefits of Sunlight

Make sure you get enough sunlight

Sunlight has not just a few benefits, it is essential not only for us but also every other creature. However it can cause damage to us and our environment if we are exposed to sunlight for to long. This means we should be able to make sure that we can dose and manage the benefits of sunshine in our own 4 walls perfectly. Keego Blinds shades top down bottom up could be an ideal solution for that. How much sun should you get a day, read more.


Exposure to natural light can train hormones and help maintain a better sleep and reduced stress. Your body will learn and develop a healthy routine rising and lowering its melatonin levels. In addition health benefits of sunlight could be Vitamin D which is necessary to maintain calcium in your body and thus making sure you develop and maintain strong bones.

Light Management

Getting the exact amount of light can be difficult. Imagine you are working in home office and the sun is making it hard to see on your laptop. You could blackout the room, but that would be depressing wouldn’t it? Shades top down bottom up can make sure you get light into your room, enjoy the benefits of sunshine while still being able to work.


Whilst human have different needs of sunlight throughout the day, plants have their own needs. Mostly based on the climate they originate from. This means you might have a plant that can not handle much sun which can be difficult because we ourselves do not want to live in darkness. Shades top down bottom up can help there and provide both options at the same time.


Talking about animals we tend to think about cats and dogs who do have their individual needs of sunlight and health benefits of sunlight. However they are mobile and will search a spot suitable. But imagine your fish in summer. Keeping the water temperature low can be difficult when there is additional sun shining directly onto the fish tank. Move you shades top down bottom up precise to a point providing shade for your fish. This can save lives.

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