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When we talk about window shutters and think about shutter ideas, we first think about white wooden shutters on the outside of our houses. But there are much more options and some of these colored shutters can be a stunning piece of decoration inside your house.

Which room

If we see it from a decorative perspective it does make sense to focus our shutters style on rooms that are more visited and displayed. Living rooms, dining rooms and so on. We might not need a colorful decorated window treatment in our bathroom or kitchen as the focus there might be a practical product handling moisture and privacy.


Our colored shutters are made out of aluminum, making them durable and light weight at the same time. Aluminum does also make sure the shutters will not be affected by rust. The color is painted with precision onto each slate and the cutting is clean and well done. No color will crumble or fall off these aluminum blinds.


β€œWow, they look so beautiful, but they do not fit into my room” Wrong! The good thing about a broad variety in house shutter colors is that you can always find a smooth combination with your interior. Are your window frames painted? Which colors does your furniture have? What about the fabric of you couch? Combine just a few colors in a whole room and use your windows as part in this. Colorful also does not mean it must be bright and flashy. See our inspire aluminum venetian blinds as example.

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