Blinds for Bathroom Window in Shower

blinds for bathroom window

Water resistant

Depending on how our bathroom is set up, we might be confronted with water on our windows and window blinds bathroom. So to avoid the waterproof blinds for bathroom windows to be soaking wet after each shower, we would need to use fabric that offers water repelling functions or dries super fast. Roller shades offer exactly this, the used Polyester fabric will not soak in amounts of water and can be dried within a short amount of time.


While not only direct water can be a problem, humidity is a big problem in most bathrooms. Cellular mini blinds for bathroom window as well as roller shades come with breathable fabric that makes them perfect for this use. Please note that the blackout versions are coated which makes blinds for bathroom windows not as breathable as standard bathroom window blinds ideas.

bathroom shades

Natural Light

Natural light goes hand in hand with ventilation as breathable fabrics tend to be more on the transparent side. Here we do recommend cellular mini blinds for bathroom window as they let light shine into your bathroom while still blocking a clear view. Best choose a light color as dark blinds bathroom window block more than light ones.


Here it does come to personal preferences and the question where the bathroom windows face to. 100% privacy can be achieved with blackout window blinds bathroom and shutters however blackout bathroom window blinds ideas are not as breathable and do not offer any natural light coming inside. Shutters have breathable and light features when the slates are vertical, this will make these small window shutters either 100% view blocking or not.


If directly splashed with water it is best to quickly dry the window blinds bathroom with a towel, however all of the mentioned do not break after being wet constantly. If you want to have them dry to avoid humidity inside, roller shades with their flat surface are the best blinds for window bathroom for that.


bathroom roller shades

Roller shades

All over roller shades are the most practical ones and tick the most boxes. However you always need to decide between 100% view blocking and breath ability. Blackout shades block everything, also light and air standard roller shades block the view limited.


Shutters are the most long lasting product due to them being out of aluminum. However they only can not offer view blocking or light / breath ability at the same time. Vertical slates offer more to the viewer as fabric rollers in dark color (no blackout) would do.

Cellular Shades

Similar to roller shades in terms of functions, however they do look much better. Downside the accordion style makes them more difficult to clean.

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