How to Choose Your Window Blinds and Shades in Autumn / Winter?

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How to Choose Your Autumn Blinds?

If we want to enjoy a warm-season at home, choosing autumn blinds is essential for insulation as well as for providing flexible insulation blinds for windows that lets you catch the little bit of sunshine you can get everyday.

Specific Needs in Autumn

In autumn and winter, indoor warmth needs the nourishment of sunlight and the creation of and well closed room that prevents warm air from escaping and cold air from entering. One weak point in every house are the windows, so insulated honeycomb blinds can be a perfect addition to overcome this weak spot.

insulated honeycomb blinds

When the first ray of sunlight in autumn and winter passes through the vertical blinds and shines on the floor tiles, perhaps this is the beginning of a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Autumn and winter are relatively cold, meaning in addition to maintaining a stable indoor temperature, autumn blinds also need to have a certain amount of insulating features. But what are the best cellular blinds for insulation?

Suitable Options

Most people choose a thick fabric that is suitable for providing warmth in winter, so we can consider this aspect while choosing thermal insulation blinds and shades. Material, function, and color do all play a role.

There are many types of materials. For the cold winter, however thickness is not always the most important feature. Thermal insulation blinds work best when there is air in between layers of fabric. Insulating cellular blinds as example work really well especially in their blackout version as these come with an extra reflecting layer.

It is also suitable to use dark and warm colors on your insulated blackout blinds to decorate your home in autumn and winter, this works best with honeycomb window blinds as dark colors not only reflect less heat but also have a psychological effect on the warmth we feel in our home.

  • When choosing the color of your autumn blinds, you should first determine the main color of your room. Then try to choose a dark color which does not reflect light and thus helps heating up your room through the windows.
  • Another fact to consider is the orientation of your window. Any north-facing room is often dark and cold, warm colors and a little heavier feeling shades honeycomb are a better choice here. For windows facing east or west, light and thin materials are best cellular blinds for insulation.
  • Don't choose window treatments that are too low in price. Some cheap window blinds and shades are flammable, while better quality ones generally have fire resistance.


Choosing the right autumn blinds is nothing to to complicated. Think about how you would dress yourself. Dress your window accordingly. Insulated honeycomb blinds with layer of air in between. These thermal insulation blinds, best in dark colors work wonders as an extra layer of on your window. Keeping warm air inside. Keego Blinds offers a broad variety of insulation blinds for windows. Just have a look at our store for more.



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