How to install two blinds on one window

dual roller shades

Dual roller shades vs. two blinds

There are a few reasons for placing two blinds behind each other. You might want to have two different shading options. One for blackout and one for shading. Or you simply want different colored options suitable for different moods or decorations.

However, there are two solutions to them. One convenient one being dual roller shades and one a bit more impractical. Keego Blinds will show you both.

Two single window blinds

Well, this is the most simple or one could say “lazy” option. But sometimes it seems to be the only option you got, especially if you already have one single blind hanging instead of a double roller shade that you do not want to replace. What it means is, that you install one single blind behind another one. This of course can only be done if your window frame offers enough space for both of them. The advantage however is, that you do have two completely independent window treatments.

Double Roller Shades

Instead of getting two different blinds, why not get a 2-1 option? Dual roller shades will save you the effort of installing twice as well as saving space. We wrote that a big advantage of two blinds behind each other would be to have two independent window treatments. Double roller shades are those as well. Two rolls, which are placed diagonally behind each other, make sure that you save space while still getting to use all the benefits.

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