Sun blocking options for windows

Sun blocking options for windows-Keego

What can I put on a window to block the sun?

Blackout Blinds

While not all Keego blinds and shades offer full sun blocking functions, honeycomb blinds blackout will block incoming sunlight 100% and with that also preventing harmful UV rays from entering the room. UV blocking window shades can come in a lot of different styles and colors, making it a versatile sun block for windows. In addition full blackout shades can offer insulation as well and by that not only keeping heat outside but also letting heat stay inside in the winter.

Due to blocking the whole area of the window, cellular, roller and zebra shades blackout offer one of the most effective UV protection windows treatment.

UV Protection Foil

Similar to UV blocking shades for windows, UV block window film covers the whole area of our windows. Depending on quality and darkness, they can block up to 80% of incoming heat. Some say even more.

The only problem with this UV blocking film for windows is, that they are on your windows the whole time. That means there will be a darkening effects throughout the whole year depending on which film you are choosing. Cellular window blinds will be more flexible.


Another way to block sun from windows could be installation of awnings. Sun Shade awnings can be mounted on the outside on top of our window. This will make sure, our window is free from any covering the whole time. This can be practical, when there needs to be quick access through the windows as in like store front and counters. As this window treatment does not completely block sun from windows compared to honeycomb blinds blackout, the efficiency can range from around 65 to 80%. However you can consider awnings in addition to UV blocking film for windows.

Cover up Windows

At the end we do have some budget tips for when you need a window UV block, but do not want to spend much on it. Leftover bubble wrap or cardboard to a decent job on blocking incoming UV rays. Just place them in front of your window and that is basically it. Bubble wrap might be a bit more neutral though. However both are a fast and not permanent solution compared to cellular window blinds.

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