Buyer’s Inspiration Guide

Buyer's Guide


Blackout Shade

Function: Blocks Light 100%

Good for: Saturday morning / naps

Simple and practical, these are among the most popular window treatments. PVC backing effectively blocks out all exterior light and gives maximum privacy. Perfect for bedrooms.

Metal Valance Roller

Function: Conceals Roller/hardware

Good for: accent on Outside-mount

Fascia Valances are a way to completely conceal the roller shade mechanism at the top of your window. Aluminum cassettes are a popular type of valance because of they give a chic look and are easy to clean and maintain.

Double Roller

Function: Blocks All or Some Light

Good for: giving more Light-filtering Options

Versatile double roller gives you the option of using the semi-transparent fabric to filter out 50% of light or the blackout shade for completely blocking exterior light. Both layers are housed in one roller - easily change light filtering throughout the day.

Zebra Roller

Function: Blocks Some or All Light

Good for: just about any room in the house

Great for contemporary homes. These blind/shade hybrid have it all: Clean lines for a modern appeal, alternating opaque and semi-transparent fabrics for soft lighting, and the option to complete block out all light. A great choice if you cannot decide between traditional blinds and roller shades.


Function: Light-filtering, Insulates from heat/cold

Good for: Rooms prone to temp changes throughout the day

Honeycomb, or cellular blinds, have a unique construction that insulates your home. One long pieces of fabrics is folded into pleats to create a honeycomb shape. This create pockets of air for the insulation effect.

Our Honeycomb shades have a single-layer cellular construction that is lightweight and durable.

Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb

Function: Shade lowers from top, raises from bottom

Good for: Letting in the morning light but keeping your privacy.

Cordless cellular shades you can lower the shade from the top OR raise from the bottom. Bedrooms and bathrooms are common rooms for these shades as you can enjoy natural morning light while maintaining your privacy while getting dressed.

Motorized Roller Shades

Function: Electric motor and remote control

Good for: when you want to lower the shade but you just sat down.

Control your shades with the ease of a remote. Motorized roller shades have a sound-dampened motor that runs quietly as you raise or lower your shades. These are not only convenient, but cordless which safer for children (this is how you justify an upgrade to a skeptical spouse).