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How to wake up early naturally?

Waking up with natural light offers a huge amount of benefits. The biggest one being an possible improvement for your mental health. This is mostly due to our bodies being made to wake up when the sun goes up and go to sleep when it goes down. However we usually do not embrace this natural rhythm and do not wake up with nature. Most of us wake up in a dark room with a little help from their alarm clock or phone. Bluetooth window shades could be the solution. 

Wake up with nature through Smart Blinds

Well we could just sleep in front of our uncovered windows, to let natural light wake up ourselves. Sadly as most of us live in cities there are privacy concerns. Who would like sleeping exposed to all their neighbors? The ideal solution for this are smart blinds or better said motorized blackout shades connected to our app. Just tell the Bluetooth window shades to open when the sun goes up and enjoy a smooth and natural waking process. Your phone is smart enough to know at what time the sun goes up in your area. Isn’t that great?

If you prefer a little bit sun shine over a full blast, see dual shades or other electric shades that offer different shading options and tell the smart blinds to give you just as much sun as you want.

Other benefits Electric Shades can offer

Keego Blinds make sure that apart from providing a stress free sleep schedule with natural light wake up, smart blinds offer a few other not less important benefits.

Energy saving

Saving on the heating bill is one of it. Electric shades or shades in general work as insulation material, so if you time smart blinds well, you can get you best out of heat insulation. Just set up motorized blackout shades on each window and figure a smart routine helping you to block sun. This will prevent your house from heating up.


Thieves love it when you are on vacation and one factor on how they might figure out that you are not home are window treatments. With automatic smart blinds your home will look like someone is living in it right now. This could be a little help if needed. Best thing, Bluetooth window shades can be programmed and you do not need to be present for them to work.

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