Tips on how to Choose Blinds and Shades for Rooms

Shades and blinds are essential parts of home design and decoration that can transform the look and feel of any room. They not only serve a practical purpose by providing privacy and controlling light, but they also add style and elegance to your space. Choosing the blinds and shades for each room in your home is crucial to achieve the desired atmosphere and maximize its functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the mostly factors to effect our consideration when selecting blinds and shades for your bedroom, children’s room and bathroom, making them more cozy.




Your bedroom can be so many functions, a sanctuary of sleep, a haven of relaxation, a hub of preparation, or just a space to call your own. Therefore, a flexible shading is omnipotent for all occasion and the dual roller shades can add perfect touch for all you want.

The Dual Layer Zebra Blinds Light Filtering and Blackout contain one roller shade and another zebra shade. Even though in the day time, the bedroom can be completely dark for taking an afternoon nap or lounging in privacy, just opening both of them at the same time to block out external light. Heat/Cold Insulation function of the blinds is one more plus for the bedroom, remaining the cozy environment for restful sleep as well as achieving energy-saving.

Whether it's letting the light in when you're away from home, making your bedroom feel the warmth of the sun, or staying in your bedroom for relax on the sofa, the light filtering portion of the Zebra Shade can allow more light can be used the room and block unwanted glare. With the Dual Layer Zebra Blinds Light Filtering and Blackout, light control of the bedroom can be guaranteed your relax time.



Children's Room      


When it comes to choosing blinds and shades for children’s room, cordless will be the popular trend from now to future. Shades with cords is easy to tangle or lock their necks, resulting in a real hazard for babies when crawling on the floor or children swing arms when they try to grasp the cords to play. The 100% Blackout Utral Narrow Cellular Shades Cordless is upgraded to safer options without accessible cords, guaranteeing Child & Pet Safe from strangulation risk.

Another benefit of the 100% Blackout Utral Narrow Cellular Shades Cordless is that they can remain heat or cold insulation because of their unique cellular structure, potentially saving in your heating and cooling costs. Except light filtering, they also excel in noise reduction. Creating a calm, dark space can make it easy for kids drop off to sleep easier. Without a doubt, the 100% Blackout Utral Narrow Cellular Shades Cordless are a popular choice for children’s bedroom blinds.



The Bathroom    


For most of us, bathrooms are where we go to switch off in home. The fitting accessories, including shades, are something that needs to be carefully selected to ensure that it can meet with bathroom’s lighting requirement, while providing a certain level of comfort. Roller shades will be a good consideration for bathroom. They provide complete privacy and extra insulation so those winter shower times aren't quite so brisk.

The 100% Blackout No Drill Roller Shades Cordless can give the bathroom’s window complete coverage for privacy. You definitely want to confirm that no one will be able to see into your bathroom from the outside, then the 100% blackout will be your best choice to avoid the embarrassing situation.

Attention that bathrooms generally tend to contains steam, moisture, as well as condensation, which means that blinds and shades may be more susceptible to mildew. The 100% Blackout No Drill Roller Shades Cordless gains benefit from its water proof, which can make itself more resistant in the bathroom. Still, it is better to remember to use an exhaust fan after showers to remove moisture, allow fabrics to fully dry, and make it more durable. All in all, water-resistant and fully blackout  blinds and shades are capable to trace for a brighter and cleaner bathroom with privacy. Therefore the 100% Blackout No Drill Roller Shades Cordless is no doubt a good choice.



Selecting the matching blinds and shades for each room need to consider various factors mentioned above, which can match the characters of the blinds and shades with  varieties of rooms. Then we can ensure that your shades not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also serve their functional purpose effectively. Here Keego offers various customized blinds and shades meeting different scenarios and needs, come and search more for your rooms!

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