Who needs bottom half Window Blinds

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When do we need shades that cover bottom half of window?

If we consider only covering part of a window with half window blinds we probably have a reason behind it. This reason come from the window being either long or maybe separated into different parts. Take a half circled window on top of another as example or maybe even below a square window. There are many different design and alignment that can cause us wanting to cover only parts of the window. Bottom half window blinds like Cellular shades top down bottom up and other can be a help there.

Why do we need half blinds for windows

Sometimes we do not need to cover the whole window or we do not want to cover it. There are several reasons behind it like privacy at night. Imagine you have a high window that will allow you to see the stars, most likely you would still love to cover the lower half of your window so no one on ground level passing by can see you sleep. Another reasons could be the sun itself shining on to your TV while watching a movie or screen while working. A movable blind, that can be adjusted to let you work whilst still enjoying some sun, can be a huge plus. Cellular shades top down bottom up can cover the bottom half allowing sun come through as well as blocking views. It is also said that most sun comes into the room from the top of your window simply due to the angle.

Conclusion - Cellular Shades Top Down Bottom Up

Well there is only one blinds for bottom half of window offering this kind of flexibility top bottom blinds up down. Keego Blinds offers you bottom half window blinds in different sizes and colors. Have a look.

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