Keego Smart Motorized Zebra Shades with WI-Fi Intelligent Sensor


Experience the latest in smart technology with Keego's intelligent sensors!
Embrace comfort and convenience with Keego!

Intelligent Control

Use Keego smart device to set a time to open the blinds and remind yourself to relax. Ask Alexa to open your shades and let in more sunshine as you curl up to read, or close them for privacy as you sit down for dinner.

WI-FI Intelligent Sensor

Monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and light levels in real-time, all conveniently accessible through our mobile app. Let our automated curtain control system adjust these variables effortlessly for you.


For just the right light as you move through your day, use the remote to adjust hard-to-reach motorized blinds or create a routine in the app to shift them automatically.

Product specification

What's included

Zebra Shades, Electric Motor, Charging Cable, Remote Control, Smart Bridge,WI-Fi Intelligent Sensor,Installation Manual


Waterproof, UV protection




20-98 inch


20-156 inch

General Information

Size & Measuring

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