Keego New Natural Fabric Roman Shades Cordless Top Down Bottom Up with Lining


Unveil brilliance & the light.

Cordless Design

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades offer a sleek, cord-free appearance, enhancing the safety of your home, especially for families with children and pets.

Thermal Insulation

Designed with thermal insulation, these cordless blackout Roman shades help regulate indoor temps by keeping heat out in summer and retaining warmth in winter. This energy-efficient feature can contribute to lower utility bills and a more comfortable living space.

Natural Woven Fabric

Made from high-quality natural woven fabric, these Roman shades effectively darken rooms and provide superior privacy. The natural texture adds sophistication and warmth to any room's decor.

Product specification

What's included

Roman Shades, Installation Manual


Soft Fabric, UV Protection, Noise Reduction


PVC+ Linen Fabric + Interlining


20 - 95 inch  


12 - 95 inch  

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