Keego Brand Timeline

1997: The Beginning

  • August: Keego kicks off in Guangzhou, bringing innovative ideas to life.
  • Launches its first-ever electric sliding curtain, setting the stage for future innovations.

1998: Setting New Standards

  • Debuts manual curtain tracks that stand out for their design, surface finish, and choice of materials—truly a game-changer in the market.

1999: Advancing with Technology

  • Introduces electric sliding curtains that boast smart positioning, a clutch mechanism, and remote control capabilities.
  • Uses high polymer plastics in manual curtain tracks to cut down on noise, earning a national utility model patent for this quiet revolution.

2000: Expanding the Range

  • Rolls out electric roller blinds, Roman blinds, and skylight (ceiling) blinds, broadening its product lineup.

2001: Material and Design Innovations

  • Launches polymer toothed transmission belts designed to withstand high temperatures and stress, alongside powerful electric sliding curtains that feature a mechanical count and toothed belt drive.

2007: Celebrating Milestones

  • Marks its 10th anniversary with a bang.
  • Leads the charge in developing eight national standards for shading technology and products in China.

2009: Pioneering with Intellectual Property

  • Introduces a new wave of manual-electric blinds, including Venetian, roller, Shangri-La, honeycomb, zebra, and skylight blinds, all patented and innovative.

2010: Next-Gen Products

  • Launches a new breed of electric sliding curtains with an advanced belt drive system.

2021: Going Global

  • Moves headquarters to Los Angeles, USA, setting the stage for international growth.
  • Sets up a local customer support and service team to better serve the American market.

2023: Retail Milestone

  • Opens the doors to its first retail showroom in the U.S., bringing Keego directly to American consumers.