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Corded Blinds


Continuous Cord Loop Controls

The cords on your corded blinds for windows will be secured to a wall or window frame, meaning the corded window blinds will have fewer cords on display.

Energy Saving

Corded blinds in handy if you want to boost your home's efficiency, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition corded window shades will supplement a modern style. This way corded blinds will save you money on your monthly bills, making them an excellent choice for people living in in a rented apartment in or outside the city.

Smooth Lifting System

Keego conducts thousands of routine lifting tests on each corded blinds, so that the corded window blinds can be easily and evenly raised and lowered every time. Adjust the height of the corded shades that you want to stop by continuous cord. To ensure safety to your family, we provide a safety device to attach the chain of our blinds with cord to the wall.

100% Blackout

Equipped with sun filtering polyester fabrics, blackout shades with cord in opaque fabrics almost completely block the light, not only protecting your privacy but also providing you a comfortable sleep. Even at daytime. Anti-UV functions as well as balancing the indoor temperature.

High Quality and Supreme Insulation

High quality fabric corded blinds guarantee a good rest and privacy protection at night and at daytime. These corded window blinds do not fade and ensure years of use. Premium quality with 3/4’’ Cell size, keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter.


Corded blinds can be adjusted to completely block light or by moving the window treatment, letting through just the right amount of light. Corded window shades, whether functional or decorative, are very suitable for Home/ Office/ Cafe/ Hotel etc.


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