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Blinds and Shades Tips for Functional Rooms

When it comes to home decoration, blinds and curtains may be overlooked. However, choosing a fitting quality blinds can make your home rooms more comfortable. Each blind own its own feature, so choosing the one maximize the functionality of your blind by taking the function of the room into consideration, which can make them an icing on the cake. Mentioning about the rooms with functionality, the living room, kitchen, home office and yard come to mind.In this article, you can find five fitting blinds and tips to consider when choosing the best window treatments for your home rooms.


Living Room


The living room is always the heart of the home, where you entertain guests and spend quality time with the family. These enjoyable moments needs a cozy environment, where the choice of shades plays a vital role. The Blackout Zebra Blinds Cordless with Wood Grain Fabric, with its flexible shading, has advantage in creating a bright and relax atmosphere for party.

When it’s a cloudy day or at dusk, what need to do is simply overlapping the opaque ones, letting light in and providing a bright ambiance. This eliminates the need to take the effect of weather and time into consideration, then the host and guests will be more engaged in party time and have enjoyable moments. While if your living room is in direct and strong light, adjust your blinds to allow the opaque stripes to be stretched apart, which prevents getting dizzy from quite harsh light during party time.

As the the living room is a representative to welcome guests, the shades, matching the overall style of living room, can add interest without reversing the entire atmosphere. The Blackout Zebra Blinds Cordless with Wood Grain Fabric, showing stylish with its simple color, is easy to be compatible with different styles of living rooms. In a word, if you are looking the blinds which can filter light flexibly as well as complimenting the style of your living room, the Blackout Zebra Blinds Cordless with Wood Grain Fabric is highly recommended.





The kitchen is a functional space, where the shades need to be both practical and stylish. Cooking is the most frequent action in the kitchen, and when cooking, the light and darkness in the kitchen have a great impact on the preparation and the process of making dishes.

The Light Filtering No Drill Roller Shades Cordless regulate the amount of light that enters the room to create the perfect brightness for any occasion, while having UV protection can prevent people from solar heat burn and glare. Additionally, the humidity level in a kitchen fluctuates due to the steam that often generated during cooking. The roller shades can be adjusted to the desired position, which allows more natural light to enter your kitchen and at the same time, it will allow the vapors generated by heat when kitchens can leave without leaving the space impregnated.

When it’s time to tidy up the kitchen, it is inevitable that food and liquid splashes. The Light Filtering No Drill Roller Shades Cordless own the advantage in water proof, minimizing the damage caused by splashes and water damage. At the same time, it is made of polyester, which is easy to clean and durable for using.

The selection of Light Filtering No Drill Roller Shades Cordless can tackle these problems and will keep your blinds stylish and your kitchen looking clean.




Home office


Mention about home office, factors that influence work efficiency is initially considered. While blinds play a pivotal role in it, as filtered light will make or break productivity. If it’s too dark, you may feel gloomy and unmotivated. If it’s too bright, you may have to squint or struggle to read or stare your computer screen.

The Light Filtering Honeycomb Cellular Shades Cordless Child Safe here is recommended. You can control how much light filters in with a light filtering cellular shade, or how dark the room is with a full blackout shade, which also means privacy levels can be arranged to your exact requirements and owning concentrated working moments.

Besides, comfort is an essential productivity booster. The Light Filtering Honeycomb Cellular Shades Cordless Child Safe can help you achieve desired heat or cold insulation when working, getting rid of keep shivering due to the cold weather. Besides, they will also help in noise reduction to cut down the outside distract. In general, they are perfect partners that enhance the coziness and productivity of the home office.





When turning the view to outside, it is time for the Outdoor Sun Shades Transparent make its debut. They are beneficial in UV protection then people can enjoy the outdoors without the risk of skin damage. An added benefit to those with a pool or living by the water is that sun shades is waterproof, protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare and protecting the shades in rainy day.

Just as the sun can burn your skin, it can also caused defection to your furniture and anything that receives frequent exposure to its rays. Whether it’s the fabric on a chair or the wood grain on a table, constant and intense sunlight exposure can quickly cause furniture to lose its color, luster, and vibrancy. By significantly reducing the intensity of the sun’s UV rays, the Outdoor Sun Shades Transparent with durable materials can extend its lifespan of furniture.

Along with sun shades’ UV protection, it also adds a layer of privacy outdoors, protecting your yard from prying eyes. Also, they help keep pesky bugs at bay while you enjoy your pool, patio, or deck.



Whether offering favorable light in the living room for gatherings and leisure, or waterproof blinds to reduce cleaning costs in the kitchen, or blinds owning noise reduction functions to provide high efficiency for home offices, or durable sun shades for enjoyable outdoor moments, it shows that picking the blinds considering the room's purpose matters a lot. Above all, come to Keego and find the one you need with our best service!


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